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Whether it’s a winding trail, a well-tended garden or an unexpected curiosity, your location is unique. Share it by creating a powerful sense of place among both visitors and locals, encouraging exploration and awareness.

With over 20 years of interpretation experience and a diverse network of experts to draw on, Second Nature can help you create the right mix of interpretive media that will engage your audience and bring your story to the world.

We begin by performing the necessary groundwork, such as site surveys, stakeholder consultations and trail inventories, to discover what assets you have to work with to develop the project.

Next, we work with you to sketch out your story and produce a project plan that will become the blueprints for your new interpretive experience. Plans can involve trail development, wayfinding or interpretive signage, or other media. As a member of Interpretation Canada and the National Association for Interpretation, Second Nature strives to keep up with the latest in interpretive trends and best practices, ensuring the most engaging experience for your visitors.

Once the plan is in place, Second Nature will bring your vision to life, creating fascinating content and beautiful visuals to draw your visitors deeper into the story. We can capture your audience’s imaginations and enhance your media with detailed, hand-crafted illustrations, diagrams and maps. Second Nature will then work with your printer and fabricator, or with our own partners, to produce the final installation.

Our services include:

  • Site surveys and trail inventories
  • Interpretive planning
  • Content research and writing
  • Illustration, maps, and diagrams
  • Photography
  • Panel layout and editing
  • Installation supervision

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. today to start creating something special.